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I received 6 calls this week from people that found me on Local Search. I even got a new weekly client that told me her daughter owns a Yoga Studio in Houston Texas & found me in a search. After reading my credentials she called her mom and said I was the Massage Therapist for her. Thanks Skunkworks for giving me financial freedom. Keep up the good work.

Sharon Cedrone
Art of Massage by Sharon
Singer Island, Florida


We have gained page 1 dominance under hundreds keywords from the marketing efforts of Skunkworks Marketing Solutions.

D. Moore
Owner-Virtual Services
Palm Beach, Florida


Hi Sherrie,

The Strategies Seminar this morning at the Chambers was great! It was very informative! Thank you for sharing your information!

See you soon,



Dear Sherrie,

As a business owner and independent agent, marketing is a priority!
Sherrie’s company provides education and a step by step approach to new and creative ways of increasing your market share and keeping it!

Among the many services she offers, her training classes are informative, interactive and made simple!!! Did you know that their are many ways to advertise your business for NO or little cost? Well, I didn’t – but I do now! Thanks Sherrie. I am looking forward to learning more.

Carole Casella


Wow you guys know how to maximize an audience. I am sure we can make a ton of $ together.



I got 2 new clients from the press release I wrote after attending your “Use the News to Market Your Business”  in-depth press release workshop.  Thanks so much for giving me hope.  I will be at your classes.

James Wolfe

All Quality Plumbing


Good Morning Sherrie,

I attended yesterday, seminar at the PB Chamber. I want to say thank you very much I enjoyed the seminar very much. I am fighting tooth and nail to keep my doors open.

I will admit that I am green as to Internet use for marketing but you have given me hope. Where can I find the video of yesterdays seminar on Youtube? You had so much information to share and did relay that information very well but also very quickly, because of time. I would like to review that tape again and take better notes.  I am coming for both classes.

Again thank you for your very valuable time yesterday, you were GREAT.

Kelly Dobbs

Turtle Town Transfer Company


The search and response social media campaign you have been running for me has brought in lots of new clients. I had never heard of this kind of social media marketing before.

Thank you,

Shawn Casey


Thanks so much for the new customers.  My website traffic has increased over 40% in 3 weeks, which resulted in a large job.  Keep up the good work.



The automation tools you recommended for my social media posts are a lifesaver. I feel like I have control now. Instead of hours everyday on the different social media sites I have accounts at, I only spend an hour a week scheduling all the posts for the next week.

Thanks for giving me my life back!

Peggy Long



Hello Linda and Sherrie,

I enjoyed the event this morning and wish that I could attend next weeks seminars….


Two Men & a Truck


Over 700 backlinks from one social bookmarking campaign, amazing! Keep it up Skunkworks.

Ron Green


We received over 100 requests for quotes in the past 2 months due to the internet marketing campaign ran by Skunkworks Marketing Solutions.  We will be moving all of our advertising budget into internet marketing with these type of results.


Window & Door Factory


Optimizing my PPC campaign. I didn’t believe you could really save me money, but in one month my PPC campaign brings in more clicks and the money I am saving pays for the campaign. We are recommending you to our other offices for PPC optimization.

Edward Stanly



I was at your workshop this am at the Chamber of Commerce – great job! I’d like to attend the up coming events. Please count me in.


Alan Sills

Internet Marketing Success Coach


The website Skunkworks Marketing Solutions built me was ready in just 1 week after I ordered it. The first draft was great so we went with it.  In less than 1 month we are ranking on page 1 of the search engines under multiple keywords and my secretary can update it after your very efficient training session.

We will recommend Skunkworks Marketing Solutions to everyone.

Thanks for your help,

Daniel Horn


Good afternoon Sherrie,

Pleasure meeting you this morning. I was anticipating to learn some things – but truly didn’t expect all the information gained from your free presentation. To put it in perspective, I left the presentation with my head spinning with ideas.

Look forward to hearing from you soon,

Heath Nichols

Loss Mitigation Manager

West Palm Beach, FL


Hi Sherrie I wanted to again thank you for the informative session that you ran today at the Chamber of the Palm Beaches. I learned a great deal and definitely want to take the follow up courses with you. Please enroll me.

I will continue to have people register for this exciting workshop.

Shawn P. Means, CFB

Certified Franchise Broker

Franchising Connections, LLC

“Connecting People To The Franchise Of Their Dreams”


Skunkworks Marketing Solutions had the changes made to my website within 48 hours.  I waited 6 months for the original website and the links did not work.




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